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Planning for Dedicated COVID Health Centre (DCHC)


The Primary Health Centre/ Community Health Centre/ Sub District Hospital in these areas shall be the Dedicated COVID Health Centre for management of COVID-19. The facility may plan a minimum of 30 bedded DCHC. District should be prepared to increase DCHC beds as per the case trajectory & expected surge of cases.

COVID Health Centre (DCHC)

These centres shall offer care for all cases that have been clinically assigned as moderate (Patient breathless; Respiratory Rate more than 24 per minute; Saturation between 90 to <94% on room air). The infrastructure shall be redesigned to function as DCHC, while retaining non-COVID essential services. Preferably, a separate block of PHC/CHC shall be designated as DCHC with separate entry, exit and zoning. Private hospitals may also be designated as COVID Dedicated Health Centres. Dedicated COVID Health Centre shall be re-designed for admitting both the confirmed and suspect cases clinically assigned as moderate while avoiding mixing of the two. DCHC would have beds with assured Oxygen support. Every Dedicated COVID Health Centre should be mapped to one or more Dedicated COVID Hospitals. Care should be taken to locate these DCHCs in a manner that ensures availability of Oxygen supported beds in relative close vicinity to the patients.

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