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Pay your Tax | Step by Step procedure | Vahan Online Services

Pay Your Tax

Process Flow of Pay Your Tax

Step 1 Home Page – Enter Registration Number

Applicant Enter the Vehicle Registration number to avail “Pay Your Tax”
service. And move the application to next stage.

Step 2 Click on the Proceed Button

Applicant click on the proceed button and enter the next stage

Step 3 Select Pay Your Tax

Applicant selects the “Pay Your Tax” service from the drop down “Online
Services” menu.

Step 4 Enter Mobile Number

Now, Applicant enter the mobile number and enter the next stage

Step 5 Click on the Generate OTP

Click on the “Generate OTP”, button and you can proceed further.

Step 6 Enter Generated OTP

Applicants enter the received OTP as given below

Step 7 Clicks on Show Details

Click on the show details button to proceed further.

Step 8 Select Tax Mode

Step 9 Click on Payment

Now click on payment button to proceed the online payment through payment

Step 10 Click on Confirm Payment

Confirmation box will be shown to applicant. Confirm the details and proceed

Step 11 Select Payment Gateway

Make payment button will allow you to select payment gateway. Select
“Direct Payment (SBIePAY)” payment gateway for the e-payment.

Step 12 Click on Continue

Select your bank and then click on “Continue” button.

Step 13 Payment Gateway: Selecting Bank

Now, this will open new page containing list of banks associated with

Step 14 Click on Proceed Button

Select your bank and then click on “proceed” button.

Step 15 Successful Message Box appear

In this sample page, select “Successful” option.

Step 16 Fees Receipt Generated

If bank status is success then transactions get approved and fee receipt will be

Step 17 Print Application letter

Application letter generated, now applicant can take the Print as required


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