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e-Hospital is a one-stop solution for connecting patients, hospitals and doctors on the digital platform. It manages key functional areas and processes of hospitals and enables a patient to book an appointment with a doctor online without standing in long queues. A doctor can also view patients’ records, i.e., lab reports, and scan reports etc., to take a quick diagnostic view and provide better patient care. e-Hospital has been implemented in more than 321 hospitals across the country from which over 260 hospitals are reporting live transcations

Transformative Impact

It is an easy to use platform for onboarding hospitals to manage their registration and appointment processess. Cloud availability relieves hospitals from application and server management. Pharmacy automation has minimised medication errors and has decreased medicine dispensing time. There is instant access to information on blood availability in major hospitals. Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) integration is helping radiologists make accurate observations by studying both clinical data from e-Hospital and imaging data from PACS-diagnostic devices.

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