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Are different License required for different kind of business activities at the same premise? 

FSSAI license is issued for specific premises conducting business. All kinds of business activities which are being conducted at same premises can be applied for running different kind of businesses in a single license.

What are the different categories of license?

Ans: There are mainly two categories of licenses i.e. State License and Central License.

3) Who are petty food business operators? What is the eligibility for FSSAI registration certificate?

Ans: Petty food business operators (FBO) are those operators who himself manufacture, sells, any article of food or a petty retailers, hawkers, itinerant vendor or a temporary stall holder or small scale or cottage or any such other industries relating to food business operator having turn over upto Rs. 12 lacs .

4) Do I need to apply first Registration and then License?

Ans: No, you can choose any of the category of registration or license as per your eligibility.

5) My application has been returned back for modification/editing with some queries on it. What to do?

Ans: Read carefully the queries raised by Licensing/Registering Authority and respond by uploading the relevant documents within 30 days of time period from the date, file sent for editing.

6) Do I need to obtain FSSAI License for utensils/packaging material meant for serving or packaging of food?

Ans: No, FSSAI License/Registration is issued for the articles covered under the definition of food. However, food grade packaging materials are required for food packaging etc.

7) What is the fee for modification of license?

Ans: At present the fee for modification of license is Rs. 1000/- and for Registration is Rs. 100/-.

8) I am having rent agreement for 11 months but I am willing to apply my FSSAI Registration/License for 5 years, can I apply with this rent agreement?

Ans: Yes, but with extended rent/lease deed or with an undertaking of 5 years business agreement from landlord.

9) I have closed down my food business. How to surrender the FSSAI License/ Registration?

Ans: Surrender of License is possible through online by using Login credentials. Once the concerned authority accepts the request, it will be considered as surrendered.

10) Is License/Registration transfer from one district to other district allowed?

Ans: Transfer of License/Registration within the district is possible only through modification but transfer of license and registration from one district to another district not possible.

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